WELLHEAD was originated by Katharyn Mumby. The resources have been developed in collaboration with people with aphasia (language impairment) to make sure they support easy communication. People with visual impairments, hearing loss and mild cognitive problems were also involved in the design along with people of a wide range of ages and intellectual backgrounds.

WELLHEAD is suitable for use by people of ‘all faiths or none’ as the terms used are very flexible.

The resources are in pre-publication form, pending publication in early 2022. They are primarily designed to be used in a one-to-one interview and include a pro-forma for goal-setting and simple self-scoring with a visual analogue scale. The scores have been shown to align with a standardised spiritual health assessment (SHALOM, Fisher, 2010), and are not intended to replace such measures, but to offer a practical outcome measure whilst facilitating processes of spiritual growth.

The WELLHEAD toolkit is particularly suited to adults who have experienced changes in their circumstances and abilities as a consequence of trauma, illness, the onset of dementia or ageing. It may be less suitable for those with developmental difficulties such as learning disability.

© Katharyn Mumby 2021

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